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Do You D.A.R.E.?

Gerry Halphen is the best trainer I have ever had. Gerry not only has great insight into physical aspect of what it will take for you to be a better athlete, mentally he challenges you to think on a different level. He will absolutely bring out the best in you. Any trainer can try to push you to a higher level of fitness, but Gerry goes with you on your journey to a higher level of physical excellence. Gerry does so much more than just exercise. He has taught me that it's also about the food I eat, the way I think, the quality of my rest, and of course - the way I move. Gerry designed a entire plan for me - based on the level of fitness of where I was and where I wanted to be. It's real. It's not a quick fix. It's a steady climb... until you reach the mark. And when you're there... if you dare, he can take you even higher.

Laura Huckabee
CBS46 Meteorologist
and TV Broadcaster

Personal Services

Life Leadership Coaching

  • Extensive leadership development experience in the US Army and corporate organizations
  • Noted public speaker and former instructor for Stephen Covey’s “First Things First” time management/life leadership methodology

Triathlon Coaching

  • Over 6 years experience coaching triathletes in sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and full Ironman distance races
  • Certified coach working with athletes of all experience levels and ages ranging from 24 to 65 years old

Fitness Coaching

  • Certified Spinning instructor and USA Cycling coach
  • Extensive experience helping clients achieve dramatic and sustainable fitness improvements and weight/body fat loss